Hi, I’m Isa!

I'm an eco-conscious consumer and my mom and I have spent the last several years researching and testing the best eco-friendly products on the market.

Eco-conscious consumer, avid hiker, and daughter.
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Hey there!

My name is Isa Maria and my family spends most holidays and summers hiking in Crested Butte, Colorado.

We have always been big nature people and after just a few days in Crested Butte, we absolutely fell and love knew we needed to get out of the city of the city more.

As someone who grew up in Florida, I had always been close to nature and from a young age was taught the important of protecting our home and planet. Growing up we spent a lot of time in the ocean snorkeling in the near by reefs just admiring all of the wild life and amazing corals! 

These days we spend less time on the water and have absolutely fallen in love with the mountains.

My family <3

A few years ago, on a snorkeling trip to Florida, I noticed the reefs I used to visit weren't teeming with life how I remembered when I was little. Lots of of the reefs had been bleached out and there weren't nearly as many fish!!

After a bit of digging, I started to learn more about how regular consumer products, especially single use plastics, have an immense impact on the planet and devastating reefs around the world. It was then that I decided that I was going to do my best to be a more conscious consumer and do my part to reduce waste.

I became obsessed with researching product replacements for everyday house hold items that were actually eco-friendly! 

For the last few years this has become a hobby of mine and since then, I have researched and tested laundry detergent, cleaning products, food storage and more.

My mother and I

I know that the impact of me changing the products in my home may would be small, I am just one household, so I created this blog to share my findings with all of you and hopefully attempt to make a bigger impact.

I figured there were more people out there struggling like I did to sift through all the marketing and absurd claims made by supposed eco-friendly products on the market and decided why not lend a helping hand to other like minded eco-conscious consumers like me just trying to figure it out.

Thanks for reading!

Eco-conscious consumer, avid hiker, and daughter.