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Hi, I’m Isa!

I'm an eco-conscious consumer and my mom and I have spent the last several years researching and testing the best eco-friendly products on the market.

The Best Laundry Detergent Sheets of 2023:

My mom and I came across laundry detergent sheets as a lightweight and plastic free alternative to heavy and messy plastic liquid detergent jugs. We tested the top detergent sheet brands on the market for effectiveness, scent, cost, and ingredients. Here are our results: 

Our results



Earth Breeze



★ Winner ★
★ Winner ★


We also reviewed these detergent sheets

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Why we think laundry sheets are better than liquid detergent

Laundry Sheets vs. Liquid Detergent

The detergent sheet brands we tested🔬

laundry sheets

Detergent sheet brands we tested.

How we tested detergent sheets

  1. Used equally dirty clothing - We used BBQ sauce stained t-shirts to ensure a similar dirtiness level.
  2. Washed dirty clothing with each brand - We washed each dirtied t-shirt using each of the five different brands we were testing.
  3. Graded each detergent sheet using the following criteria: 
    ✅ Stain removing effectiveness
    ✅ Smell
    Amount of Leftover Residue
    ✅ Cost
  4. Selected A Winner Based On The Results - We ranked each detergent sheet on a score of 1-5 for each of the different critera and summed up the results.
Before: BBQ stained shirt for testing!
After: Clean shirt with HeySunday. 😍

The best detergent sheet we tried: HeySunday

★ Winner ★


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What we love:
  • Best stain and odor remover!
  • Smelled the freshest.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • No residue.
  • 100% plastic free.
  • Ships from Richmond, Virginia.
  • Third-party tested.
  • 1,4 dioxane and phthalate free.
  • Phosphate free.
  • Offer a Fragrance Free version.
  • Made with non-toxic ingredients.
  • Works on all machine types.
  • Only $.20 cents per load.
What could be better:
  1. They aren't available on Amazon.

⭐ Overall Rating ️
Our ABSOLUTE favorite! HeySunday detergent sheets completely removed all stains, was easy to use, cost effective AND gentle on the environment. It's a win-win-win! This was an effective odor and stain remover and left my family's dirty clothes smelling and looking amazing! This detergent sheet left no residue on my darks or in the wash and is 100% plastic free, compostable and plant based.

❤️ What I love ️
This is the best smelling and most effective detergent sheet we tried. I loved how this detergent made my clothes smell and feel. Clothes were left feeling fresh and clean with just one sheet!

Another thing we loved about HeySunday is their customer service. They were not only prompt but helped answer all our product questions and even helped us figure out the best subscription cadence for our family.

HeySunday is my family's new go to!

🙈 What could be better
Honestly I can't think of very many things I would change about this product (other than I wish these were around 20 years ago!). If I had to pick one, it's that they are not available on Amazon, but honestly for such a high quality product I'll order it straight from the store.

📄 Description
"We believe that small acts can have a big impact. We are dedicated to creating products of the highest quality, are ease to use, and effective. HeySunday is laundry done better!" 

💪 A powerful odor and stain remover with none of the harmful ingredients
Left my family's dirtiest clothing smelling fresh and clean and had clean ingredients that wouldn't be harmful to my family's skin.

🌱 Sustainable production
A zero waste, plastic free, lightweight, mess-free, and biodegradable detergent alternative.

✨ Dissolves instantly and safe for your darks and whites
Safe for all clothing color types and dissolves well in both cold and hot water.

🔒 Safe for all washing machines:
Works for all kinds of washing machines! 

No clumps or gross residue!
No more BBQ sauce stains!
What we love:
  • Works in all machine types.
  • Made with non-toxic ingredients.
  • Good stain and order remover.
  • Comes in 2 scent options.
  • 100% plastic & cruelty free.
  • Clear usage instructions.
What could be better:
  1. Expensive $0.35/load
  2. Only 36 loads per envelope.
  3. Hard to separate the strips.

⭐ Overall Rating
These were great and honestly likely one of the better smelling scented sheets we tried. However, at $14.99 for 36 sheets (.40 center per sheet) this is one of the more pricey options on the market especially when you take into account you may need more than 1 sheet to fully clean your clothing.

❤️  What I love ️
Their summer rain was really lovely and would be interested in trying their other lavender scent. These sheets also did a solid job of stain and odor removal just not as well as HeySunday.

🙈 What could be better
We were really hoping that the scent would be stronger on our clothing. We also had trouble separating the sheets from each other. They seemed to have fussed together into one big block in the packaging which was a bit annoying.

📄 Description
"We make all-natural, plastic-free home & body care productsthat are good for you, and good for the planet, too."

Block of stuck together Good JuJu sheets.
What we love:
  • Safe for all washing machine types.
  • Decent stain and oder removal.
  • Left a nice light scent on my clothing.
  • Sheets didn't clump together.
  • Offer 2 scents and a fragrance free.
What could be better:
  1. Left some residue on my darks.
  2. Most expensive $0.43/load!
  3. Website is hard to navigate.
  4. Unclear usage instructions.

⭐ Overall Rating
Decent detergent sheet, although we did find residue on my workout clothing and given this is the most expensive detergent sheet on the market, we are not sure it's worth the price if it's going to leave marks on clothing.

At their price point I was expecting a flawless product.

❤️  What I love️
We loved their Fresh Linen scent and their Fragrance Free variety performed well and was actually fragrance free. While we did not try them, Tru Earth also offers a Lilac scent as well.

🙈 What could be better
While my clothes smelled clean, these sheets left lots of left over detergent residue in the washer and on my clothing! My darks were covered in small remnants of detergent sheet which was a bit frustrating.

📄 Description
"An eco-friendly laundry detergent that's as sensitive on your skin as it is to the environment"

Testing Tru Earth for residue.

Earth Breeze

What we love:
  • Moderate odor and stain removal.
  • Up to 60 loads per box.
  • $0.20 cents per load.
  • Available in scented and fragrance free.
What could be better:
  1. Multiple sheets needed per wash.
  2. Scent was barely noticeable.
  3. Some reside left on clothing.
  4. Packaging was cheap and fell apart.
  5. Fragrance free version was scented.

⭐ Overall Rating
Disappointed. Honestly I expected more from this brand given how popular they are on instagram. I was excited that their that their product is able to wash up to 60 loads but I needed multiple sheets to get my clothes clean so it's more like 25-30 loads per box.

❤️ What I love
In comparison to other sheets, Earth Breeze did well on the residue front just not as well as HeySunday.

🙈 What could be better
This just didn't do it for me on the smell and stain removal front. Our clothes smelled like they had just been swished around in water and we still noticed left over stains after washing.

The packaging itself was pretty cheap and almost immediately tore apart leaving us with a bunch of loose sheets and a mesy laundry room.

For a brand that is so popular I was pretty disappointed.

📄 Description
"We are on a mission to make high quality, low-waste products that deliver meaningful environmental and social impact for a more sustainable future, because small acts now make a huge impact tomorrow."

Earth Breeze residue left in detergent drawer.
After reading more reviews we had a similar experience. If you need to actually remove tough stains, this isn't it.
What we love:
  • Offer unique scent options.
  • Offer a fragrance free option.
  • Solid stain removal.
What could be better:
  1. Left residue on dark clothing.
  2. Didn't fully dissolve.
  3. Didn't love the lavender scent.
  4. $0.41 cents per load.

⭐ Overall Rating
I am sad to say I likely would not purchase these these again. I really wanted to love these since I am a fan of the brand.

❤️ What I love ️
I can't really say that there was anything that I loved about these detergent sheets. I was really excited about their scent options but I wasn't a fan of their lavender scent and their mulled apple scent is ALWAYS out of stock.

🙈 What could be better
Everything. These were strong smelling in a bad way! My clothes were left smelling almost artificial? Not to mentioned they left residue all over my washing machine and clothing. I was really surprised by the low quality on these given their reviews but after testing them myself I don't know how these are usable.

📄 Description
"Transforming household products into a force for good".

Didn't fully dissolve!

Why We Chose HeySunday.

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